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    Iron Airshower Product Description:

    Cargo shower room, air shower room is a kind of purification equipment, clean equipment set for staff / goods out of the clean area, can effectively remove the dust quickly persons and the surface to reduce the amount of dust into the clean room, but from airlock function to prevent dirty air intrusion, ensure the desired clean room cleanliness.


    [Air shower works]

    Clean air through HEPA filtered after nozzle can be rotated in all directions from the person body spray, which effectively and efficiently remove dust particles. After clearing dust particles and then through the early, post-HEPA filtered recirculated into the air shower area. To achieve the best results blow shower, air shower nozzle outlet design wind speed can reach 22m / s or more, blowing person minimum wind speed 18m / s, the initial air shower time factory set to 15 seconds. Air shower provides a modular assembly, it can be assembled into the actual needs of the air shower size of various lengths.

    [Airshower Features]

    1, the use of more appropriate cleanroom mounting principle.

    2, the system automatically control operation, two-door electronic interlocking, and with photoelectric sensors, single channel air shower, clean area from the non-entry, after it was closed on the infrared sensor blowing leaching, after blowing leaching Getting locked, only go out from the air shower room;

    3, the overall production of cold-rolled steel, the outer surface of the electrostatic spray

    4, doors, floor, nozzles are made of stainless steel, beautiful

    5. Touch softkeys time relay, LED display and settings blowing leaching time, the range of 10-99s adjustable air shower when two-door automatic locking;

    6, using the early, high level filtration system with HEPA filter, filtration efficiency: 99.99%, to ensure the purification level

    7, nozzle outlet winds of up to 25m / s or more, blowing wind on the human body wind speed 18m / s or more

    8, the use of EVA sealing material, sealed high performance

    9, the use of imported electronic components, reliable performance

    10, with stainless steel multi-angle adjustable nozzle, Nam Tai double volute winds of low-noise external rotor fan, surface wind speed is greater than 25m / s;

    11, advanced noise reduction silencer system.

    12, modular design, assembly, transportation is very convenient

    [Airshower Use / Advantage]

    Mainly used in color printing packaging, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, brewery and other enterprises sterile purification plant FLS series air shower room, cargo room leaching is widely used in electronics, backlight, communications (communication), lasers, precision instruments , photovoltaic, new materials, semiconductors, optical fiber cable, biological medicine, food and beverage, cosmetic, animal husbandry and veterinary, bio-engineering, universities and laboratories, and other industries and research fields. Air shower room, air shower machine, channel Air Shower, cargo shower room is clean room and clean room assembly of equipment for blowing into the clean room of the people, the dust was attached to the surface, but from the airlock role in preventing not the purified air into the clean areas. Is making personal, material purification and prevent intrusion of outdoor air clean area of effective equipment, versatility, can be used with all the clean room and supporting the use of clean plant.

    NOTE: accept non-standard size build.